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Acupoint Finder (Meridian Detector)

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Product Description:

Product Description:

"Meridian Detector" relates to medical, bio-informatics, electrical engineering and other disciplines. It studies the theoretical basis of TCM meridians, using advanced electronic equipment for collecting the human body Meridian biological currents,then they are submitted to the central database for analysis,then it returns data to provide a comprehensive interpretation of the tested person's health status and an analysis to determine key issues, and to make prevention and treatment of the proposed standard. Its has a comprehensive, non-invasive, practical, simple, fast, economic, and easy to popularize and other characteristics and advantages.

The instrument can  rapidly detect in a few minutes the body's health status, including the internal organs for disease, physical strength, mental stress, actual situation of yin and yang of Chinese medicine, cardiovascular, oncology, endocrine and other various aspects of human health and the various organs of the meridian have accurate data. The test results for more than 90% accuracy rate, comparison of data before and after the test results can be scientifically validated. Products after use of the magical effects.
Can be tailor-made for mass-market customers personalized testing procedures, with nutrition programs, the proposed fences. Buy free detector was put into an unlimited use.

Meridian detector targeted medicine stores across the country, health care products and nutritional stores, nutritional health products and other industries engaged in direct marketing practitioners. Another beauty salon and a variety of health resorts, foot bath the other products are very popular.

Major new features:

• Vista re-production, completely resolved with the latest operating system, Vista compatibility issues. 
• HID chip using the latest technologies, like the mouse can use the same insert, no installation troubles. 
• to solve with the new notebook chips can not be compatible or not. 
• adopt a more stable square USB interface, USB interface to resolve the past due to poor contact caused by equipment problems can not be normal use. 
• newly added height, weight and condition as a judge, so that interpretation of the results more accurate. 
• updated the backup and restore more powerful, can be more than one computer client files and inspection data into a computer. 
• the table into the actual situation to the histogram to make reports more reasonable. 
• Add meridian analysis, to elaborate the relationship between the meridians and disease. 
• Add five elements meridian map showing the relationship between internal organs of the table. 
• improve the beauty report will be the perfect combination of meridians and beauty. 
• The new user interface, operation is more simple and user friendly. 
• Enhanced customer records management, ready access to target customers. 
• Join the meridian of conventional lectures to facilitate the operators to have more knowledge of the meridian. 
• Addressing the past headers, footers, the use of ultra-long program can not cause problems.


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1 year

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