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MamboMart Seller Policy

This is a mutual agreement between the seller and MamboMart for listing the products for sale and using our services. In using mambomart.com you (the user), are deemed to have accepted the terms and conditions listed below.

Listing products:
MamboMart offers free and unlimited listing to its sellers. A seller can upload a wide range of products. Sellers are required to choose an appropriate category listed in the seller dashboard for uploading a specific product. Products that are uploaded in wrong category will be moved to appropriate category. The products should abide our seller listing policy. Seller owns sole responsibility for his/her the products and the information provided. Any product listed, that violates the seller listing policy will be removed immediately and it may lead to seller account termination and removal of all products belonging to that seller.
Seller is expected to provide the following details about the product for a smooth transaction.
  • Product Name
  • Product Condition
  • Product Price
  • Product Description
  • Quantity Available
  • Appropriate Image
  • Warranty details
  • Shipping details
Once a product has been listed, only the price and the quantity can be changed by the seller. If the seller wishes to change any other information, he is required to delete the corresponding product and relist the same with the new details.

Store Creation:
Sellers can create stores and upload any logo of their choice. Store creation should adhere to the following guidelines
  • It should not be in a way that it promotes other websites.
  • Should not contain pornography or nudity.
  • Any offensive or hatred against any race or ethnic origin, religion, disability, gender, age, veteran status, or sexual orientation/gender is strictly disallowed.

Transaction Charge:
The transaction charge is applicable for each transaction on the total sale value including shipping charges. The transaction charge includes payment gateway charge and MamboMart service charge.

ProductsPayment Gateway Charge MamboMart Service ChargeTotal Transaction Charge
Cakes, flowers, chocolates, sweets, food items and used products4.2%3.8%8%
All other products4.2%1.8%6%

Seller Payment:
The seller will be paid for each transaction. The payment process will be initiated once the buyer confirms that the product ordered reached him safely as described by the seller. The payment will be made on the third bank working day from the date of confirmation (Saturday is not considered as a bank working day). If the buyer does not confirm within 48 hours of delivery, the product will be considered as delivered and the seller will be paid. The payment will be made through Cheque/Online transfer. Sellerís identity and bank details will be verified before the first payment. All payments will be made to the bank account that the seller furnishes in seller dashboard. The seller is required to provide valid details of the bank/branch located only within India. By clicking the acceptance check box provided in the bank details page, the seller agrees to abide all legal rules and regulations and holds the sole responsibility for the validity of details.

Shipping Policy:
Seller is required to ship the product and see to that the product gets delivered within the time limit specified during product upload. The seller should ship the products preferably through a reliable courier service with online tracking facility. If the product could not be delivered within the specified time, buyer has the right to claim a refund. Shipping details such as receipts/invoices should be maintained for a period of 90 days and should be produced when required to solve any dispute that may arise in future. If a chargeback occurs and the seller is not able to produce the shipping details during the 90 day period, he is fully liable for it.

Currently MamboMart encourages shipping only for the locations within India, so sellers are required to provide appropriate shipping details.

Order Cancellation and Refund:
  • The seller is required to update the shipment details in MamboMart seller dashboard within 3 working days from the date of order.
  • The item should be delivered within 6 working days to the buyer.
If any of the above two conditions is not met the order will be cancelled and the buyer will be refunded.

In case if the item is shipped within 3 working days but could not be delivered within 6 working days, the seller is required to pay a caution fee of Rs.100 or the total transaction charge, whichever is higher. This caution fee will be refunded to the seller only if the order is successfully processed.
If the delivered product varies significantly from what is described by the seller, the buyer can claim a refund. In such cases,
  • The buyer will be refunded once the sellerís logistics partner picks the item from the buyer.
  • If the seller is not able to pick the item from the buyer, the seller is required to pay the above caution fee and shipping charges for return. Once the buyer ships the item in a reliable courier service and the product reaches the seller, the buyer will be refunded.
  • If the seller is not able pick the item from the buyer and is not willing to pay a caution fee, the buyer will be refunded and it is responsibility of the seller to get the item back. MamboMart will not be responsible for the item.
All caution fee payment should be made within 1 working day from the date of invoicing.
While updating the shipment details the sellers can make the order status as ďProcessingĒ. If the status is updated as shipped no further changes are possible.

Seller Termination:
MamboMart has right to terminate any sellerís account at any time due to the violation of Seller terms and conditions. It is understood that the seller accepts the terms and conditions by clicking the check box provided at the end of registration form. All products listed by the seller must abide the MamboMart Seller Listing Policy. Any product listed that violates the seller listing policy will be automatically removed. Violation of seller listing policy by any seller might eventually lead to that sellerís account termination. All the products of that seller will be removed from the listing.
If a seller continuously receives bad criticism for his/her performance in handling the order, his/her account will be terminated under the sole discretion of MamboMart.
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